Analysis of the advantages of large plastic pallets china
 Nov 02, 2023|View:60

Compared with ordinary plastic pallets china, large plastic pallets china are much larger in size and weight and may seem bulky, but in fact they also have their own unique advantages.


Large plastic pallets china have a large usable area, can place more goods, can also meet stacking requirements, and have a more stable center of gravity than ordinary plastic pallets china. If there are height restrictions for multi-layer stacking in the warehouse, you can choose large plastic pallets china.

The load-bearing capacity of large plastic pallets china is very excellent. Injection molded large pallets can meet greater load-bearing requirements by adding steel pipes; blow molded large pallets have greater weight and naturally have superior load-bearing capacity.

Large plastic pallets china generally use thickening technology to meet higher load-bearing requirements, so their impact resistance is definitely very good, and they also have good tolerance to violent impact


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