What are the causes of unqualified plastic pallets?
 Nov 24, 2023|View:68

Although plastic pallets are products produced by machines, the preliminary material preparation and parameter settings are all manual operations, so plastic pallets may not be perfect during production, and occasionally unqualified defective products will be produced, so these unqualified products What are the causes of plastic pallets?

The first is the material issue. Many customers are pursuing plastic pallets with good quality and low price. In order to meet customer needs, manufacturers will add recycled materials to new materials. The quality will meet the standard and the price will be favorable. However, once the proportion of recycled materials is not controlled well, Plastic pallets can cause problems.The second is the problem of parameters. In order to save costs, some manufacturers purchase cheap raw materials with various parameters that do not meet the regulations, resulting in the failure to achieve uniform melting points during production. There are also unqualified machine parameter settings, such as: mold clamping time, injection pressure, cooling time, demoulding time, etc. A slight error will lead to deformation of the plastic pallet or lack of material.

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