How do plastic pallets china cope with resurgence of moisture?
 Nov 01, 2023|View:53

Now is the return of spring. The temperature is starting to warm up and the humidity is starting to rise. There is a wet scene everywhere. In this humid environment, many items are prone to moisture and even mold. So why can plastic pallets china help everyone cope with the resurgence of moisture?


During the return of moisture, water will flow out of the walls and floor. Placing the product on a plastic pallet china can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground. Be careful not to stick it close to the wall. In addition, the plastic pallet china is also moisture-proof. Even if the surface is contaminated with moisture, it can be wiped dry with a cloth. , thus achieving the anti-corrosion effect; when the weather gets better, choosing a mesh plastic pallet china can maintain air circulation, and adding hygroscopic materials such as charcoal and lime can quickly help the product to ventilate and dehumidify.


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