Several advantages of plastic moisture-proof boards
 Sep 15, 2023|View:59

After the flood season, corporate warehouses are facing the problem of wet floors, and more and more people are inquiring about purchasing plastic moisture-proof boards. So do everyone know the advantages of plastic moisture-proof boards?


The rounded corners of the plastic moisture-proof board are designed to be more user-friendly. When used on the ground, it will not scratch or damage the packaging of goods, nor will it cause harm to operators, making the moisture-proof board more fault-tolerant when used in warehouses.

The reinforced rib design at the bottom of the plastic moisture-proof board makes it have a higher load-bearing capacity, longer service life, more stable operation, and is less likely to be damaged and deformed.

The slot and buckle designs on the sides of the plastic moisture-proof boards allow the moisture-proof boards to be spliced together to enhance their stability and make stacking goods safer and more reliable.

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