What minefields should you avoid when purchasing plastic pallets china?
 Sep 14, 2023|View:69

The specifications and sizes of plastic pallets china are complicated. Many customers who do not understand plastic pallets china can easily make mistakes when purchasing plastic pallets china. Today, Xuan Sheng will teach you how to avoid these minefields.


The first is the weight issue. The heavier the weight of the pallet, the more materials used, the better the load-bearing capacity, and the higher the price. Therefore, you can understand the load-bearing capacity and price of plastic pallets china through the weight.

Secondly, there is the issue of raw materials. There are two types of raw materials for plastic pallets china: HDPE and PP. Their prices will vary with changes in oil prices. In addition, the proportion of raw materials also affects the pallet price.

Then there is the issue of customization. Customizing plastic pallets requires customizing molds, which will be more expensive. In addition, processing services such as pallet color, adding steel pipes, adding chips, and adding wheels will also increase the price.

Finally, there is the issue of transportation. The shipping cost of shipping plastic pallets china is a significant expense, so if you can ship it in one go, don't ship it twice. Enterprises with large volumes can also coordinate vehicles in advance and arrange return transportation.


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