What should I do if the surface gloss of the plastic pallet china is uneven?
 Sep 20, 2023|View:53

Although plastic pallets china are just ordinary logistics equipment, they also represent the appearance of a company, so it is very important whether the plastic pallets china as a whole are beautiful. So what should you do if the surface gloss of the plastic pallet china is uneven?


The uneven surface gloss of plastic pallets china is often caused by insufficient surface pressure in some areas of the mold. Plastic pallet manufacturers can choose to increase the temperature of the melt and mold to improve this situation; of course, they can also choose to increase the holding time of the plastic pallet china to reduce the difference in gloss. In addition, the design of the plastic pallet china also affects the gloss. For example, if the pallet wall thickness is uniform, the gloss will be better; the larger the wall thickness, the worse the gloss.

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