How to fix the color of plastic pallets china?
 Sep 13, 2023|View:60

Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of different industries and management, plastic pallets china are customized into a variety of colors. Although plastic pallets china of different colors facilitate everyone's work, whether their color fixing ability is acceptable has become a problem for everyone.


The first is temperature resistance. When a good-quality plastic pallet china is used within the specified temperature range, its color will not change significantly. Some plastic products are not suitable for use in high or low temperature environments, and their color will inevitably be affected. Everyone Be careful when using it.

The second is light resistance. When plastic pallets china are exposed to the sun, they will be affected by ultraviolet rays and oxidize. Their color will slowly change, and even affect their service life.

The last is acid and alkali resistance. Plastic products made of different materials have different tolerances to acids and alkali. Some plastics will fade when exposed to acid-base or corrosive chemicals, and even affect their performance.

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