Is there a limit to the customized color of plastic pallets china?
 Sep 06, 2023|View:59

The default color of plastic pallets is blue, so plastic manufacturers generally stock blue pallets in warehouses, but now many customers choose to customize other colors to distinguish goods. Gradually, there are more and more pallet colors, but everyone knows that pallet customization Are there any color restrictions?


The manufacturing process of plastic pallets china is one of the reasons for limiting the color of pallets. The production capacity of injection molding pallets is large, and the colors that can be customized are relatively rich, either bright or dark, such as yellow, red, gray, black, etc.; the colors of blow molding pallets are all dark colors, usually blue. color, green, black, etc.

The raw material of the plastic pallet china is also the reason for limiting the color of the pallet. Brand-new materials can produce pallets of various colors, such as light or dark colors; recycled materials and recycled materials themselves are darker in color, so they can only produce pallets with dull colors.


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