How to choose the anti-leakage plastic pallet?
 Sep 01, 2023|View:65

Most of the products using anti-leakage trays are dangerous goods. Once leakage occurs, it will cause great harm. Therefore, when choosing an anti-leakage tray, it is very important to judge whether the quality is reliable.


First of all, investigate whether the pallet manufacturer has the technology to develop and produce anti-leakage pallets professionally, and whether it holds a professional certification report.

Then test the load-bearing strength of the anti-leakage tray. If a person stands on it and deforms or cracks, it cannot withstand the pressure of multiple oil drums.

The second is chemical resistance. Put a high concentration of chemicals on the surface of the anti-seepage tray. If the corrosion and cracking speed is very fast, the tray must be unqualified.

Finally, when comparing prices, cost-effectiveness and services, we must also consider the importance of the brand, and don't lose more than you gain.

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