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Loading and unloading goods on plastic pallets china is not easy, the manufacturer will teach you on site
 Oct 05, 2023|View:66

Cargo loading and unloading requires the use of plastic pallets and professional handling equipment. The entire operation process is directly related to the safety of the goods and staff, and must not be sloppy.


For bulk goods, you should choose a relatively non-slip plastic pallet china, and then choose appropriate loading and unloading equipment and loading and unloading methods based on the performance, shape and working environment of the goods. When moving goods, pay attention to whether there are cracks and observe whether there is a risk of collapse; goods that are difficult to transport are best moved with crowbars; high-rise goods should be moved from top to bottom layer by layer, and digging from them is prohibited to prevent collapse.

Plastic pallets china should be selected for packaging goods based on their performance and packaging methods. During loading and unloading, the goods should be firm and stable, and the number of loading workers should not be less than 2.

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