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Plastic pallets with steel pipes plugged into them are extra powerful!
 Sep 08, 2023|View:69

Plastic pallets have a wide range of applications and are very popular in the logistics and warehousing industry. But sometimes the plastic pallet can not fully meet the customer's load-bearing needs, at this time, it can be solved through the steel pipe.


The purpose of the built-in steel pipe in the plastic pallet is to increase the sufficient and effective carrying capacity. After testing by the plastic manufacturer, it is found that the carrying capacity of the same type of plastic pallet is very different before and after the built-in steel pipe. For example: the difference between the dynamic load and the load is more than 0.5 times; The difference is more than 0.6 times.


Because the steel pipe is built into the plastic tray, it will not change its appearance, shape, structure and other designs. In addition, the price of the steel pipe is very favorable. A steel pipe only costs 5-8 yuan, and the load-bearing capacity of the pallet can be instantly increased with the minimum cost, which is very cost-effective.

Jiangsu Xuansheng Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D, production and sales of plastic pallets for many years. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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