How did the high and low temperature resistant plastic pallet china come into being?
 Aug 30, 2023|View:63

Plastic pallets china are logistics equipment that often need to be transported to various parts of the world. Some areas are extremely cold, with temperatures as low as tens of degrees below zero, such as the Northeast; some areas are extremely hot, with temperatures as high as 50 degrees, such as India.


In order to be able to adapt to these extreme environments, high and low temperature resistant plastic pallets china came into being. The plastic pallet china is made of two raw materials: PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene). The plastic pallet china made of PP can withstand high temperatures up to 95°C, and it will not deform at 150°C without being affected by external forces; PE The plastic pallet china made of material can withstand low temperature up to -50°C, and can also be used in refrigeration.

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