How will the manufacturer deal with unqualified plastic pallets in production?
 Aug 25, 2023|View:49

Customers who have purchased plastic pallets will more or less encounter unqualified pallets with some problems, such as: easy to crack, color difference, easy to deform, etc. So how will manufacturers deal with these unqualified plastic pallets?


For plastic pallets that are easy to crack and have a short service life, the manufacturer will recycle them free of charge and replace them with qualified plastic pallets of the same size and model.

For plastic pallets with slight color difference, if the quality indicators are all qualified, the manufacturer will generally require customers to accept the pallet; if the color difference is large, it depends on the actual situation.

For plastic pallets that are easily deformed, manufacturers generally lower the ex-factory price and sell them to customers who need them as disposable pallets or export pallets. The quality problems will also be explained to customers in advance.


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