Why are nine-legged plastic pallets so popular?
 Nov 27, 2023|View:74

Nine-legged plastic pallets have always been popular in the market and are in greater demand than other types of pallets. So why are nine-legged plastic pallets so popular?


From a structural point of view, Sichuan-shaped or Tian-shaped plastic pallets have cross beams at the bottom, so they can only be forked from the side with a mechanical forklift; while nine-legged plastic pallets can be forked in all directions using a mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic truck, which is very convenient.From a weight perspective, the nine-legged design at the bottom of the pallet greatly saves materials, so the weight of the nine-legged plastic pallet is lighter than other types of pallets. The materials used are reduced, that is, the cost is reduced, and the price is naturally much cheaper, so it is very popular among buyers.


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