Precautions for storing plastic pallets china on rainy days
 Nov 27, 2023|View:75

In the south, it rains almost all year round and there is plenty of rain. In order to save labor and costs, many companies often stack stained plastic pallets china outdoors and then use the free rainwater to wash them away. Although this approach is very convenient, it is actually wrong! So, how should you store plastic pallets china on rainy days?


Plastic pallets china are made of new PP or HDPE materials. Occasionally being washed by rain a few times will not have much impact on their essence. However, there may be corrosive substances in the rain. Plastic pallets china that are exposed to rain for a long time are likely to produce Corrosion will shorten service life.When it rains, it is best to store plastic pallets china in a closed warehouse and place them as far away from doors and windows as possible. After the rain stops, open doors and windows in time to ventilate and drive away moisture in the warehouse. Rainwater stained on the surface of plastic pallets china should be wiped off in time.Jiangsu Xuansheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D, production, and sales of plastic pallets china for many years. Welcome to contact us for consultation.

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