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The link between the self-weight and load-bearing of plastic pallets china is inseparable
 Oct 19, 2023|View:61

When purchasing plastic pallets china, product load-bearing is a very important part, and the connection between load-bearing and the weight of the pallet is inseparable.


The self-weight of light pallets is generally between 4-10 kg, such as: grid nine-leg type; the self-weight of medium-sized pallets is generally between 10-20 kg, such as: Sichuan-shaped, Tian-shaped; the self-weight of heavy-duty pallets is generally between More than 20 kg, for example: double-sided type.

The weight range of plastic pallets china is around 4-50 kg. A pallet of less than 10 kg has a static load of 1 ton and a dynamic load of 0.5 tons; a pallet of about 15 kg has a static load of 4 tons and a dynamic load of 1 ton; a pallet of about 25 kg has a static load of 6 tons and a dynamic load of 2 tons.

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