Why are disposable export plastic pallets china black?
 Oct 18, 2023|View:58

There are two options for pallets for export: wooden pallets and plastic pallets china. Although wooden pallets are cheap, they require a lot of time to be fumigated before exporting and cannot keep up with the fast-paced work of the company. Export-specific plastic pallets china solve this problem very well. In addition, they are also cheap. , and this is also related to its color.


Disposable export plastic pallets china are made black to save production costs and reduce factory prices. The main source of production cost is the cost of raw materials. The raw materials are all recycled waste materials, crushed and cleaned, and then black masterbatch is added to produce them. The waste materials come in various colors, and in order to unify the colors, they can only be made black.

The ultimate goal of companies that choose disposable export plastic pallets china is to reduce packaging costs and increase profits. In order to cater to market demand, plastic pallet china manufacturers have launched black disposable export plastic pallets china.


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