Do plastic pallets china need to be equipped with anti-slip mats?
 Sep 22, 2023|View:62

Some plastic pallets are equipped with anti-skid mats, while some plastic pallets are not equipped with anti-skid mats. So when we choose plastic pallets, how should we judge whether we need to install anti-skid mats?


Whether plastic pallets are equipped with anti-slip mats is related to the properties and uses of the goods they contain. Some goods have high hygiene requirements and are not wear-resistant, so it is recommended to choose flat plastic pallets without installing anti-skid mats; some goods have stable stacking capabilities, and the texture on the surface of the plastic pallets is sufficiently anti-slip, so there is no need to install anti-skid mats; the appearance of some goods It is smooth and easy to slide off. Choose a plastic pallet with anti-slip pads installed to make it more stable when stacking.

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