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Analysis on the development prospect of plastic pallets china
 Aug 17, 2023|View:71

Germany announced the concept of Industry 4.0, marking the arrival of the era of intelligent economy with intelligent manufacturing as the core. The intelligent plastic products production factory in the future should be: intelligent equipment to realize intelligent production, intelligent production to realize digital production, and digital production to effectively change service intelligence.


1. Intelligent injection molding equipment: In the future, intelligent injection molding machines can use the production system to set production requirements, analyze intelligently select molds, automatically install molds, intelligently adjust processes, and intelligently arrange set raw materials to complete personalized and batch production. It will also be able to cooperate with processing equipment, assembly equipment, packaging equipment, etc., and cooperate to complete the overall product manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and transportation.

2. Intelligent production: The customer demand determines the production process in turn. In order to complete personalized production and small batch production, the production raw materials and parts are used to run first and guide the entire production process.

3. Intelligent service

1) Intelligent active service: In the future, the injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment of the smart factory will receive the production status and data of the injection molding machine in the factory through the injection cloud in various places. If you need to replace it, you can prepare accessories in advance, and turning passive service into intelligent initiative will serve customers more safely and efficiently.

2) Productivity and production demand docking service: All equipment in the intelligent factory will realize data connection, and the factory decision-makers can understand the production status in real time through the injection molding cloud, which is convenient for judging the remaining production capacity of the injection molding machine and whether redundant production capacity is needed. Complete the production together. Among them, the excess production capacity can be sold to each other through the injection molding cloud, and companies with production needs and production capacity can be perfectly connected, effectively reducing production costs.

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