Is the plastic shipping pallets made of recyclable plastic materials?
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Xuansheng plastic shipping pallets, also known as Plastic pallets, does reflect the effective use of raw materials. Starting from the selection of raw materials, the original plastic particles are converted into plastic cardboards with bearing, stacking and transportation through injection molding and blowing plastic. The design and manufacturing of each plastic stuck board strictly follow the principles of mechanics and use needs to ensure that various types of goods can be carried firmly in the logistics and warehousing links.

Xuansheng plastic shipping pallets is made of recyclable plastic materials because plastic stuck plates are usually recyclable. After the service life is over, it can also be crushed, cleaned and re -processed. Essence In addition, the standardized plastic stuck board design can well cooperate with logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelves, improve operating efficiency, reduce the risk of goods damage, and indeed escort the transportation of each piece of goods in all links of the supply chain.


From a plastic to molding, each piece of material is not a waste. Let's see how it escort it for the goods.

Plastic shipping pallets is a common mold type in the plastic mold industry, which is mainly used to produce various plastic cardboards and pads. It is very important to choose the appropriate material and processing equipment when the cardboard plastic mold is opened. The choice of materials has an important impact on the stability of the mold and production efficiency. Generally, high -strength, corrosion -resistant materials are selected.

During the plastic shipping pallets, you need to pay attention to key links such as the structure design of the mold, the selection of division of the mold, and the design of the port. Structural design needs to be reasonably designed according to product needs. Selection of dividing surfaces Considering the production process and production efficiency, and the port design must ensure the liquidity and filling effect of the plastic melt. After completing the plastic shipping pallets mold opening, the test and modification work needs to be performed. Model repair is improved and improved based on the test results to improve the quality and production efficiency of the mold.

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